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U2                 LECTURES AND ESSAYS

way, In order that a thing may have the same

name at different times.    Afterwards I get the

more   definite  belief   that   certain   particular

qualities, like Weight, have nothing to^io with

the time of day; and subsequently I find thai

weight has nothing to do with the           of the

stone, but only with the quantity of It,    The

uniformity which we assume, then, is not that

vague one that we started with, but a

and corrected uniformity.    I might go on to

suppose, for example, that the weight of the

stone had nothing to do with the

it was; and a great deal might be said for this

supposition.     It- would, however, have  to  be

corrected when it was found  that the

varies slightly In different latitudes.     On the

other hand, I should find  that 'this

was just the same for my stone as for a

of iron or wood;   that it had nothing to do

with the kind of matter.    And so I             lie

led to the conclusion that all matter is

and that the weight of it depends only on its

quantity and its position relative to the

You  see here that  I go on arriving at

elusions always of this form ;   that

circumstance or quality has nothing to do with

some other 'circumstance or quality,    I

by assuming that it is independent of

thing; I end by finding that it is

of some definite things.    That is, I            by